Dinner for one by AndyHowePhotography
Full version smiling zebra  by MoMo_Images
African bush elephant sand bathing by ExpeditionReggie
Love by Hedde
Two of a kind by AlejandroFerrand
Lion Yawning by zistos
Leopard late afternoon by henniecoetsee
Cheetah Cubs by Komainu85
African Elephant Portrait by CathyWithers-Clarke
Old Timer Lion by MichaelBagleyPhotography
Messy eater! by Simon_eeman
Zebras by heinrichmeyer
Jackasses ( Penguins ) by devonmassyn
Seek & Find MMXV by Dameon
Baby Elephant in South Africa by dasBildprojekt
Now Just Wait Right There ! by mytmoss
Summer Surf by Daniel_Grebe
A beautiful leopard Cub by jozi1
Wilderness by Renzor
Stripes by MKPhotographysa
The essence of a leopard by truetolifephotography
Zebra by jeremystevens_3464
The King of Mata Mata by zistos
Autumn Leaves by Wiehahn81
White Rhinos by lmr337
Cape Point by martinson-crusoe
Kudu Female by mytmoss
Elephant Sunset by mytmoss
Family - Cheetah by calebshepard8
Tusk to Tusk by stumac
King Of The Night by marselvanoosten
Morning stroll by davidyack