Cape White-eye by CathyWithers-Clarke
Clarens landscape by shamsamir
I'm Bored by mytmoss
Follow Me by davidyack
African Elephants on a dusty run to the waterhole. by leonhugo
Suricate by desirdarling
Malalchite Kingfisher by KayBrewer
African Hornbill by Australia0811P
DSC_5160 by Jasper1992
Moon  by Sonya_Oli4
Whassup?!?  by KristinaOers
Reflection I &W by Banie
King Cry by Yardie_Bee
Purple Roller by mytmoss
Fiery morning rays by jessicanotelo
Looking at You! by Sonya_Oli4
The King by DavidKooijmanPhotography
Flirting by wenchejostad
Young Cheetah in Shade, Mala Mala Reserve, South Africa by Jdmccranie
Enkoveni - Run baby, run (13) by Karl-Heinz
Golden sunset on the Indian ocean coastline  by leonhugo
Elephants with baby  by mytmoss
Tree Watching Perfect Sunset by mytmoss
Nighttime Thirst by mytmoss
The Glory of a New Morning by AnnuO
I See You ---- Twice by mytmoss
Cape Weaver © Brian Basson by BrianBasson
Rough and Tumble by davidrosenzweig
Morning light by Sonya_Oli4
Baby Elephant Drinking milk.  by leonhugo
I Live In My Own Little World - But It's Ok, They Know Me Here by Yasseen
Yawn? by Jannba