No seat today by ncpcov
First snow by PhotographingNW
Snow by FSR1972
Frigid Beauty by windycorduroy
Snowflakes falling on my head  by EstelleTimony
Snowfall by ericcunningham
Mirror in the Park by RodSchwartz
Mountains in the Distance by jpele
Blizzard by antwanjanssen
After a ride through the snow. by Roberto_Sorin
A Rare Occurrence  by GeorgeTesseris
Kiwi in the snow by berniemazor
Frosted by EileenP
Spinning around by ncpcov
Blanket Of White by klhprice
big smiles by jasmineouellette
P1010213 by masonwallis
Kitty Watching Her First Snowfall by bkzoner
Evergreen by GigiJim08
Winter Latex Fashion by Montethephotographer
Winters edge by Photographyatitsbest00
Snowfall by ncpcov
Snowfall London by RonTear
Blue Jay in Winter by agoodelife
Cozy home by OlhaRohulya
Breathe me in by charlottegardiner
First snow at North Falls by chrisgiordano
Calming Snow by donnadymond_2377
Fallen Giant in Winter by rlalford1
Song Sparrow in Winter by agoodelife
Into the sunrise by alekrivec
Autumn Frost by jennifercopeland