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zimaj December 31, 2013
nice shot
caroly December 31, 2013
Aww, nice shot! I wanna bring in him from the cold... :-)
lito April 29, 2014
Good job!
MikeHiggins PRO
MikeHiggins April 29, 2014
Brilliant detail.
Darren_Almond April 29, 2014
Superb capture, what lens where you using?
PBeale April 30, 2014
Thanks, Darren. I used 70-300mm. I believe it was taken around 81mm.
kasper PRO
kasper April 29, 2014
Congratulations. The details and the composition are great.
KrakenWaker April 29, 2014
Really nice shot, the snowflakes are a really nice capture. Great work and congrats on your feature.
catini April 29, 2014
Very sharp shot, congrats on your feature!
TammyN April 29, 2014
Beautiful image
tinawiley PRO+
tinawiley April 29, 2014
You can see every feather. That is an amazing shot.
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta April 29, 2014
Lovely shot. Congratulations.
slagtersven Premium
slagtersven April 29, 2014
Nice photo
Juliamclean PRO+
Juliamclean April 29, 2014
Great detail.....congratulations!
jrhalphen April 29, 2014
Great shot--beautiful bird and a snow.
WileKyK PRO+
WileKyK April 29, 2014
Awesome detail and DOF. Congratulations on your Feature!
dons April 29, 2014
Poor little bird... Great shot, love the detail of the feather...
iceman2 April 29, 2014
Excellent capture that show great texture.Congrats!
ann11 April 29, 2014
Well deserved feature. Congrats.
nitti April 29, 2014
SMBPhotography PRO+
SMBPhotography April 29, 2014
Awesome Capture!
oldladyf April 29, 2014
Congrats and well deserved. Love the detail in the feathers and the little drip on his beak. Nice!
gopalakrishnan April 29, 2014
great capture !!
amuschik April 29, 2014
Great shot. Congrats!
lizziemellis PRO+
lizziemellis April 29, 2014
Excellent detail lighting and presentation love it :-)
tmlakshmi PRO+
tmlakshmi April 29, 2014
congrats. simply beautiful
kkat PRO
kkat April 29, 2014
Great close up!!! Congratulations!! Wonderful!!!
JDLifeshots April 29, 2014
Beautiful capture! Congrats.
marymwarnerthomas PRO+
marymwarnerthomas April 29, 2014
Beautiful compostion......... Skilled photo...............
Barniegoog April 29, 2014
A stunning shot, such clarity and detail. Well done.
symesie04 April 29, 2014
great detail
PapaSkelli April 29, 2014
STUNNING what more can you say congrats
sweetpea72 PRO
sweetpea72 April 29, 2014
so beautiful :)
Capture-Life April 29, 2014
SOO stinkin' CUTE :):)
martinf April 29, 2014
Lovely, lovely, lovely. Well done on feature.
Jdk-hyd April 29, 2014
Super sharp.. Beautiful ...!
katiezirkle PRO
katiezirkle April 29, 2014
absolutely love this shot!
photobug April 29, 2014
is a awesome photo
myboylollypop100 April 29, 2014
wow! What a lovely photo :)
jane_koranda April 29, 2014
Just beautiful... great shot..
toonegal April 29, 2014
A stunning shot. Well done - beautiful detail
roselandry PRO
roselandry April 29, 2014
OMG what an awesome pic of this little guy! Pin Sharp Focus shows excellent details! Congrats!
carolyns PRO+
carolyns April 29, 2014
Beautiful capture. What a hardy little sparrow! Not sure our sparrows way down here would survive that sort of cold!
larrysummey April 29, 2014
great shot
LionesLens April 29, 2014
Very nice! Congratulations on your feature award!
running56horses April 29, 2014
Beautiful shot! Excellent texture, details and contrast! Nicely done!
Nancimanci PRO+
Nancimanci April 29, 2014
Beautiful shot!
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 April 29, 2014
This is a lesson in how to make a very common bird into a masterpiece! Absolutely lovely. Congratulations on your feature.
pinepienaar April 30, 2014
Just faboulous
senka April 30, 2014
gorgeous, congrats
SuperT22 April 30, 2014
very sharp capture! Nice!
lujon1956 May 05, 2014
I love the snowflakes on the top of his head and on his feathers. I just love birds. Beautiful.
Cindi_Tonkovich May 09, 2014
Beautiful. I feel like adding some paint to his feathers. Just gorgeous.
Debbie_Carmichael PRO+
Debbie_Carmichael August 08, 2014
I can almost feel how cold he is...beautiful shot
rhamm PRO
rhamm December 04, 2014
Great shot
AliAlzuhair January 30, 2015
CherylG February 22, 2015
Matador March 02, 2015
Fantastic detail !
CalWolf March 08, 2015
fantastic capture...
pauladubin PRO+
pauladubin March 08, 2015
Magnificent shot. Ward material.
ferdhart PRO+
ferdhart April 20, 2015
What a courageous little bird!
wilmamichel April 22, 2015
Great shot. Love the snow on his head.
Whitehorse_Images PRO
Whitehorse_Images May 02, 2015
This has a beautiful look, and feel.... I love it..... :)
calebsadler May 23, 2015
nice capture
wendylee June 11, 2015
Great shot. Beautiful.
We can see all the details of the bird.
Megan9075 July 02, 2015
This is such a beautiful phototure!
sjsachin50 August 13, 2015
nice photo
Ledopix August 21, 2015
sallycampbellclark August 24, 2015
Beautiful shot! Great detail, What a little cutie :)
Roussou September 21, 2015
Excellent capture and nice detail
gerdaandux September 25, 2015

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on my back deck at a farm in Innisfil. The birds were feeding and resting on the railing and didn't seem at all phased that I was only a couple of feet away.
It was early afternoon, during a light snowfall. There were already piles of grungy dirty snow around so these sparrows were a brilliant relief for my eyes.
Unfortunately there were no fancy lighting techniques to share with you. This was all natural outdoor light and no flash. My favourite kind of lighting!
Equipment: Olympus OM-D E-M5; 81mm; f5.6; ISO 200; shutter priority; 1/200; white balance - cloudy. I didn't have time to set up the tripod so the set of shots I took were all handheld.
I love birds - especially pudgy winter birds and give so much credit to the little guys that stick around during Canada's long cold winters. Against the sometimes dismal gray and white winter background, birds add a flash of colour and remind me that an abundance of life is still all around me.
Post processing was done in Picassa. The photo was cropped and saturation adjusted slightly. I slightly lightened the photo to brighten the gray background.
In my camera bag
I am not a traditionally organized photographer. Sometimes I just go for a drive without plans for specific photo stops so I tend to take 2 bags of equipment every where I go. One holds 5 different lenses and the body and the other bag is for cleaning equipment, batteries, filters, reflectors, memory cards etc. I also take (everywhere) a tripod, gorillapod, and a monopod.
Winter is a fabulous time to capture photos of birds. I especially love photographing them during a snowfall. I keep several feeders filled in a variety of different locations and heights throughout the year which allows birds to settle in the area and visit more frequently. I try to place feeders in trees (on a large property) with smoother branches so smaller pesky little branches are less likely get in the way of the subject. The feeder beside this bird was sitting right on the deck railing and instead of brushing the snow off of the railing, which is what I normally would do, I left the snow to pile up and am pretty happy with the outcome.

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