Sisters  by BKoesel
Last Fall Leaf by MsJudi
Let it snow! snow again! by Doncila
Flying dog under a snowfall by ClaudioPiccoli
Winter at the Lake by MarinaP
Snowy Tallinn by i-Johnny
St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg. Snowfall and the Festival of lights. by Andrew08
Kaedyn: Full-Tilt! by RichardAlford
A father walks with his son by tonymisun
Druzhok by GrigoriyBasov
Spring vs Winter by truetolifephotography
Snowfall by larrywelch
Sweet power by ClaudioPiccoli
DSCF2075_edit_edit by devinjohnstonlee
Reeds in the snow by tanjariedel
After The Norwegian Snowfall by MikeW
Winter Magic at Donner Lake by AlexGImagery
Caught in a blizzard by vincentcroce
New Beginnings by windycorduroy
Unbelievable Sunrise by jameswheeler
Christmas on Main Street by MGriffithsPhotography
Frozen by JohnStager
Winteresque New England by RominaItalia
Kaedyn: Leaper! by RichardAlford
Frosty Fall Leaves by MsJudi
Winter Walk by Michael_Shake
Fall sunset by snowbird16
2 Adventure_Naldera_Shweta Berry by shwetaberry
Playing in the Freshly fallen Snow by RLP073
River walk in the snow by lhartney
Snowfall at The Grand Canyon by ahcappella
Last Snow (hopefully) by adavies