DSC_0504.JPG by annettejones_1862
Male Porcupine by ricej2
Portrait of a Porcupine by tgroman
1400  Porcupine by geoffcaddy
Porcupine by shirleybcoulthard
Mr Echidna I saw safely off the road today. every time he spotted me he became a tank like ball of spines. The things you see when you only have your phone. by Melsannb
Porcupine Forest by kenvanevery
Porky the Pine by frozeninmotionphotography
Porcupine On Top Of The World_L0A0511 by Shooting_Nomads
IMG_6524-001.JPG kinda cute for a prickly guy by sharonhaubrichcondie
Evening guest by alexeybauman
Echidna by markvivian
IMG_4408 by charitywalton
Porcupine baby by KonHel
porcupine by lany_462
Porcupine by bpgrossphotography
Copper Stamp by Norseman53
IMG_7351 by SueGunson
Photo  by osty65
20190326_101049 (2)Hedgehog by Kenkidner
Baby porcupine by ricej2
Short-beaked echidna by maxrittner
Little porcupine  by Alexcotephotographie
Spiny & Sleepy by Mather_Photo
Porcupine  by belindajoubert
Hello hello by dinilusty
Mr. Porcupine  by RainKilburne
Looking Sharp by Jwatts458
echidna by ianjamesfellowes
126A5528ab by Virgilarts