Red by MariaBander
Solitary by martijnvdnat
Witch of the Wilds by xStardustPhotography
Autumn Walk XLII. by ZsoltZsigmond
Rime_owls2 by haksu
Wild Rose by TheMonkWhoTakesPhotos
barn owl in cemetery by spicspics
Ducky Bath  by NoelleMirabella
Nature Reflections by PJPhotoArts
Honor All With Whom We Share The Earth by phil1
Photo  by guykrier
Calm Sea by Joerg
Ice Fragments by wimdenijs
The Tree is dead, long live the Tree  by ThomasDenoulet
Summer Days by marneysmolenaars
Whirling-Dervish by jamesallenstewart
Christmas Lights by Dackelpup
A Field Of Flowers by jesdomacasse
Seljalandsfoss by mikedemmingsphoto
Nau dos Corvos, Peniche, Portugal by joaorico
elchlten view with daisy by franckreporter
Alpine habitat  by ScorpioOnSUP
Photo  by fayedunmall
Misty Morning Canoe by nathanaelmatthewasaro
Moonrise by jesdomacasse
Cypress swamps by DanielKordan
Nature's Melody by lisaholloway
Fast Friends by tressiedavis
Stokksness.          Link to my free eBook: by Fabio_Antenore
Colchuck Lake by lakevermilionphotos
Dana by lyubkosha
Sunrise Over the Rice Terraces by journeytoinspiration