The hermitage by maurocirigliano
Birth of a new star by extremalen
 Karlskirche Reflection by senanic
Hintersee nightscape  by forester_
Campos de San Juan by JoseDRiquelme
Dancing in the sky by MaryMarino
Vision by maurocirigliano
Cala Cipolla at night by DanieleJ
Seby Gravefield by JorgenTannerstedt
25 April Bridge - Lisbon by AntonioBernardino
Night over Bulgaria by krasistm
Sky Flowers  by Mauro_Mendula
End Of The World by francescadani
Startrail by elenapardini
Lake Powell by tassanee
Walking with Werewolves  by PaulWatsonPhotography
Dream valley by maurocirigliano
my wonderful memories -- Aurora Borealis - by MaurizioCasulaPhoto
SF vena cava by awu88
Autumn Moon by HopeCharmaine
The Peaks by HopeCharmaine
Starry, Starry Night 3 by HopeCharmaine
Lighting the Way by TPottelberg
Northern light at Uttakleiv beach by Gilmour82
**The Winds of Change** by damianmccudden
My First Star Trails by Follest
Flaming Kirkjufell by damonbeckford
THE WISH by maurocirigliano
Across the River Avon in Bath by RUGladstone
Treasure  by damonbeckford
Portaging Bottle Lake by ramtinkazemi
Hobart Nightscape by Albatross_Images