atulspecial October 12, 2017
Again a masterpiece looks like I am watching through planetarium
Everythingthatglitters October 14, 2017
Pete_Rowbottom September 14, 2018
Fantastic shot, love it
johnboywalton196 September 14, 2018
Simply stunning image, well captured!
Divenolte September 20, 2018
Congrats, the addition of the person is great.
BabZz September 20, 2018
Absolutely stunning woooow
jrsundown December 01, 2018
Perfect capture. Great work. Thanks for the details
Wposzukiwaniukadru December 02, 2018
Incredible *.*
anneliehgberg December 03, 2018
Just perfect!
Andyidd54 December 05, 2018
rodgermcguiggan December 06, 2018

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Oct, 2017

The Journey

The Journey for me - it's late in the milky way season, both with a setting milky way and also a setting crescent moon. There have been many changes in my life this year and it's time to reflect - but realise that under the magnificent stars that my problems are not so large.

I went out to explore a series of dunes south of Cervantes in Western Australia. With the expected setting crescent moon, I had visualised the textures of the dunes being brought out a bit with the moon lighting the foreground.

While hiking around the location with a substantial amount of gear in my pack I used a hand held GPS to mark locations of interest for shooting. I always try to scout while it is still light to help to see the better locations. To try something a little different to assist with the visualisation of a panorama, I used the panorama photo function of my phone. This is just because I know that even with my experience with ultrawide panoramas, I still have to consider how the panorama will distort.

Canon 6d Tamron 15-30mm 29 image panorama 15mm f3.2 ISO 6400 30s. 23.9% luminescent crescent moon (as per photopills) as the moon was setting

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Won Contest Finalist in Landscapes And Sand Photo ContestSeptember, 2018


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