Marissa by williambattle
Refueling Strategic bomber-missile carrier TU-95 in the air. Aviation of Russia. Saint-Petersburg. by Andrew08
Conversations by ktruluck
Supersonic by Lesabre1954
Flight Line Romance by shezashootingstar
Military Biker by jonpearson
Reflections by LawrenceBurns
Defence Daughter by LittleFawnLauren
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US Marines Osprey Taking Off  at NYC Downtown Heliport During Fleet Week by quincyfloyd
Military Jetty by capeyork
Ga Military College by jimdavis_2058
The Horse Guard by Bobwhite
ROTC by Kcable
Flares and Smoke by williambattle
Fort "Emperor Alexander I" ("Plague"). Internal metal ladder. Photo 2. St. Petersburg, Kronstadt. by Andrew08
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. by JamieScottPhotography
Fort "Emperor Alexander I" ("Plague") and the sea route to St. Petersburg at its walls. Photo 7. St. Petersburg, Kronstadt. by Andrew08
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery #1 by ahuffaker
The atlantic wall by mbernholdt
Kristen Lee by JeffTerzi
Valkyrie by damianmckay
Fortitude by Straight8photo
Marine daddy by Sweetellabella
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Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor by CamHadlowPhotography
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A Daughters Grief For Her Recent Loss  by iluv2shoot