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Harper Feb 14
Thank you everyone for those very kind words
garylane_6664 Mar 13
This is great!!
TheOnlyMrT Apr 11
Great composition and colors !

Blitzkrieg [second wave]





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Behind The Lens

This image was shot in a tiny room in my house. It doubles as my wife's office and the kid's playroom when I'm not using it for photography! My entire portfolios been shot in §thuse humble conditions.
This was shot late afternoon............but the time of day doesn't make a difference as the camera is set up to not capture any ambient light at all. The only light you see is captured by the three flashes I used.
It's a three light set. One 120cm Octabox boomed directly over head and in front of the model (you can see the reflection in the sunglasses) and two small speed lights positioned behind the model at 45 degrees facing back towards the camera in 60cm soft boxes.. It's the classic three edge light set as championed by the great Joel Grimes. All three light modifiers have the grids on to control light helps when working in small spaces.
Canon 5D MKII with the Sigma 70-200 f2.8 Manfrotto storm grey paper backdrop.
The model Rue and I had wanted to shoot some military styled editorial images. We styled it together (three separate stylings including this one.....apeaked cap and also a set with a chainmail hood)
I dis some basic retouching on this image (the model Rue has great skin) which included a little blemish work using a frequency separation technique and some dodge and burn. I coloured it using colour Look Up Tables in Photoshop CC to give it a vintage feel.
In my camera bag
I use a Godox AD360 in conjunction with a handful of speed lights. Camera wise it's a Canon 6D and a Canon 5DII with either a 70-200 or a 17-40 lens. I like to keep the gear fairly simple if I can.
I like to think that great images can be achieved without the most expensive gear and in very humble conditions. Who needs a big studio anyway? Grids on your light modifiers are your friends when shooting in a small room on a shoestring. Add to that a little understanding of lighting technique, a solid conceptual idea and a little imagination is the recipe for sure fire success.

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