Highland Cows by keithcavanagh
Beast from Exmoor by artursomerset
Red wooden cottage in the valley by oleksandrmazur
Bloody Nose? by stillmovingphotographs
Piper in London by rbhalla
Bridge to the Highlands by markpurmal
Highland cattle  by Michaelmeijer
Highland Cows - Isle of Skye by BrianWilson_
Gentle Beast by artursomerset
Green carpet under the cotton sky by dmytrokorol
Sunset in the meadow by dmytrokorol
Down the road I go by dmytrokorol
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Spring waters by dmytrokorol
The road and the stream by dmytrokorol
HIghland Cow by GeraintRadford
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Glencoe sunset by chris_smith
4 WH 3281 by waynehutchinson
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Highland cow  - Dartmoor by tmtburke
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Highlander by roryturnbull
Highland cattle grazing on Exmoor by artursomerset
Green carpet under the cotton sky BW by dmytrokorol
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