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Much like the Highland cattle in ancient Scotland, Canadian Highlands are raised in vastly different environmental conditions. The wide range seen in the size o...
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Much like the Highland cattle in ancient Scotland, Canadian Highlands are raised in vastly different environmental conditions. The wide range seen in the size of cattle within the breed is due mainly to this effect. The following average weights are for cattle that have not had their growth affected by severe climate or restricted diet:

Mature bulls weigh 1,800 pounds (800 kilograms) in breeding condition.
Mature cows weigh 1,100 pounds (500 kilograms) in breeding condition.
Steers will finish at about 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms). This weight can be attained with heavy feeding as a long yearling but most breeders prefer to grow their steers on pasture and finish them at two years.

La race bovine Highland est originaire des hautes terres et des îles de la côte ouest de l’Écosse. Région où les conditions climatiques sont difficiles et où les vents sont très présents. La race fut son apparition au Canada dans les années 1880.

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Marina2019 April 13, 2019
Tout un beau travail de cadrage serré, bravo Réjean !!
Rejean_Biron PRO+
Rejean_Biron June 28, 2019
Merci beaucoup Marina :)
barbarabrock PRO+
barbarabrock June 23, 2019
Love it! I'm trying to find a highland cow to photograph!
Rejean_Biron PRO+
Rejean_Biron June 28, 2019
Thank you so much Barbara :)
RalphB Mar 30
Netty PRO
Netty Jun 07
Thank you for joining my Neighborhood Wildlife photo challenge. Your awards are well deserved - this photo is one of my favorites, and I love your gallery!

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken 30 minutes from my home in a rural area. I am a self taught photographer, so every shoot much a new lesson for me.
This is probably of my favorite images. I remember it was late afternoon around 5 pm. We were in early April. There was still snow in the fields .I traveled the country roads that borders the river in search of birds (pygarde). I noticed these animals not far from the road. I started photographing them along the road with a long focal lens. (500 mm) The owner arrived to feed these animals. He came to see me and discussing these animals he gave me permission to approach the field to better photographed. I had fun photographing them with different lenses. (24 - 105 mm, 200 - 500 mm) They are very curious animals. He approached the fence. There were females, not too old calves and a big, impressive male. I often leave for a type of subject photographed and I come back with another type of subject equally interesting. I like walking on rural roads. There are many beautiful subjects photographed.
I like the light of the morning and the light of the end of the day. Light before 10am or light after 3pm. For this photo it was around 5 pm. The sun sets early in this time of year. Everything was there to make beautiful photo. The animal had winter coat, the beautiful light of the end of the day, a quiet and curious subject and the permission of the approached. There are days when everything is appointment. Do not let the chance go. This is the type of light that I like and that inspired me for this photo.
For this photo I had a Sony A7III and a canon lens 25-105 mm with a converter. My other camera was a Nikon D500 with Nikon 200-500mm lens. No other equipement was involved.
What inspired me for this picture is the end-of-day light that lit up one side of his head. The animal did not get far from the fence and every time he got up, he licked himself with his big tongue. I made several pictures of his type. I wanted this kind of pictures. When everything is at the rendezvous you must take advantage. Remember it does not last long. The time of some photos and the subject left.
I made a crop more tight and I reverse the photo. I wanted a close-up of the head. By inverting the photo we are attracted by the tongue and we end with the animal's eye lit by the sunset. Having left the photo in the direction of the private view the impact is not there. Often I reverse the photo. The impact is different. A photo that has less interest can be highlighted by inverting. The important thing if you do the reversal of verified writes. because it will be reversed. Often in magazines, magazine ... do it. The first page the photo is in one direction and more in a different direction. It's a way to add text.
In my camera bag
When I leave for a photo rendering in my bag I bring; A Nikon D500 with a 200-500 mm Nikon. A Canon 6D with 24-105 mm. Depending on the type of photo I'm going to do. For the animal is the nikon D500 with the 200-500mm. For landscape the 6D gun and the 24-105mm. I have a tripod and a monopod.
When I walk around to take pictures, I have to watch. The morning light before 10am and the light after 3pm are my favorite. There are subjects according to the focal length of the lens gives beautiful photo. You have to practice observing our environment and following our inspiration. There are times it is better to take the picture because luck will not pass. At other times asked for permission to take a picture and this will allow you to take pictures in a more interesting angle and make new contacts. Take the time to chat with the people of the place where you visited. (98% of the time) it tells me of somewhere else to discover unknown. He gives me permission and offers a lot of photo opportunities. For this picture if I would have just photographed them on the side of the road. I would not have done this picture well. I took the time to chat with the owner of these animals. He gave me permission to approach me and take pictures for my taste. In exchange I asked him it's coordinated to sent him photos and gave him free. If I want to redo other pictures of this place. I have just contacted him and I am welcome. I do this way regularly ..... Jasez with people from the place visited .... asked the coordinates, sent some pictures for free. I have contacts anywhere in the world with this method. If you need information it will be there. It's an exchange of service. Example; there is a place that is 15 hours drive from home. I made contact with this method. He told me places for the type of photos I wanted. Before leaving for this place I can contact him to have information if the nesting is to begin and at that stage ... This avoids unnecessary displacement. Photography is a whole. Silent and repetitive of the place ... you will have the opportunity to fare beautiful photos. But a very important thing. Have fun. If not it shows in the type of photo you will do. The photograph is the reflection of our state of being at the time of taking photo. Do the exercise by viewing your photos and remembering your state of being when you took your picture. You will see! The important has fun.

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