Cooper Hawk  by BLSFotografia
IMG_6714_HDR by adavies
Freedom Flight by mcampi
Western Osprey In Flight by freelancejim
Harris by Gordy
owl by Bobwhite
By the Light of the Moon by nina050
Red-shouldered Hawk Staredown by FMarlatt
Kestrel 13 by tmtburke
Hawk by RoryBarr
Coopers Hawk by Mother_Nature
Red-Tail  by mcampi
Harris Hawk by Mother_Nature
Redtails Keen Eyes  by mcampi
Harris Hawk by Rustybucket8472
Soaring Red Tailed Hawk by thejerd
Peregrine Falcon w/ Common Grackle by tomingramphotography
Tawny Frogmouth by robertarmstrong_2615
Hawk Trainer 2 by dougplume
giving me the eye by Bruz
Concentration by Gilbert
A Pair on the Prowl by JTurk
Hawk by alistairhunt
On the fence  by mcampi
Black kite. by EnviroAssiduous
Guardians of the bridge by TammyN
Flap in take off position  by mcampi
Let it Snow Let it Snow.... by mcampi
Hawk on Fence  by mcampi
Hawk by ChelseaLaneCreations
Hawk  by petelaw7