Yay, It's Lunchtime!! by Daisy00
Finch and Pussywillow by deannefortnam
Greenfinch by IanStandivan
Painted Bunting_LaFitte's Cove_Galveston Island TX_DET8020 by DenisT
Scaly-breasted Munia  breakfast time  by drharshavardhanreddy
Flame-colored Tanager. by Alfredo_Jose
Pussy Willow Perch by Tanya333
Yellow-faced Grassquit.  by Alfredo_Jose
Feeding Frenzy ... by bobbytaylor71
Hanging Around by Tanya333
Little Chickadee by ClintJohnsonPhotos
Blue Tit by Keefyboy
Shadows On A Cedar Waxwing by freelancejim
Bohemian Waxwing (1) by Jaspa
Yellow-billed Cuckoo,  shot with a flash. I had to edit a little flash pink eye. Sabine wood, Texas by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Curious. by colinjdavidson
Tufted Titmouse 2 by Judy_zehentner
Scarlet Tanager by GigiJim08
Finch by marcelbroek
House Finch by FMarlatt
Red-Vented Bulbul by Daisy00
Red Capped Robin. by biglenswildlife
Blue tit in witch hazel by lindapersson
Yellow-breasted Chat taking his afternoon bath by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Goldfinch and Lichen by deannefortnam
House Finch Feeding ~! by MontyRPennington
Finch  by David_Pavlich
Taking a Sip by Tanya333
Bath Time II by Tanya333
the tree sparrow  by AnneDphotography
Crested Barbet by WillemS
Banzai! said the Siskin by annetteflottwell