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AlanJakarta October 16, 2014
Lovely shot. Congratulations on being Featured.
brettolson October 16, 2014
Thank you guys, from an amateur that is still learning it is appreciated :)
iceman2 October 16, 2014
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
ann11 October 16, 2014
Great composition! Featured is well deserved.
vojce October 16, 2014
jerzgrl51 October 16, 2014
Awesome capture! Congratulations on the feature!!!!
MaryAnne306 October 16, 2014
This is just beautifully done--color, composition, DOF, subject. Congratulations on being featured!
gondmagdi October 16, 2014
wonderful shot !
rmr731 October 17, 2014
Wonderful capture! Congrats on being featured!
JoseV October 17, 2014
Just like a painting, beautiful.
Capture-Life October 18, 2014
Aaww hellooo there beayoooutiful !! :):)
brettolson October 19, 2014
Thank you everyone :)
elizajones October 19, 2014
Lovely shot!
Lauraj October 25, 2014
Great shot. Congratulations on being in the right place at the right time and being featured
michaelcorcoran October 30, 2014
Great shot.
kathleenweetman October 31, 2014
I love this little masterpiece.....
AliAlzuhair November 25, 2014
richardtempleton December 30, 2014
Beautiful shot. I love these little guys.
FarmGirlShelley January 10, 2015
amazing shot! I love nuthatches!
jenniferkrieble_5126 February 10, 2015
What a wonderful shot.. Keep up the good work
CNichols February 21, 2015
Beautiful image!
ferdhart April 25, 2015
Invitation into the world of this little bird . . . great shot!






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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a nature walk in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the fall of 2014.
This photo was taken mid afternoon, I like going in the afternoon, because the deer are less mobile, and easier to find, this little chickadee however made it known it wanted it's picture taken.
This shot was purely accidental, and I had to be quick, as it landed right in front of me, it was a cloudy day, which is what I prefer for my nature walks, as I don't want to over heat.
I do believe I owned a canon T3i when I took this photo, no tripod (I never use a tripod) and no flash, I think at the time I was using a 17-85.
No inspiration, just a nature walk, one of the best ways to stay in relatively good shape :).
Very little post processing, I just softened the background a bit for depth, the color of the picture is actually what color the day was.
In my camera bag
I usually stick to the basic lenses. I primarily use a 17-85mm which is my favorite, I also carry a 50mm in my pocket if lighting calls for it.
When going for nature walks, it is always easy to ignore the tree's, and try to find other wildlife to shoot. Look up every once in a while, if not, you may miss the shot of a lifetime.

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