Lesser Goldfinch - Uvalde, Texas by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Pretty Perch by Tanya333
Summer Tanager - Costa Rica by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
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finch. by Lanky44Lanky442
Male finch by marcelbroek
House Finch 6 by Judy_zehentner
More house finch friend by melmcc
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Rose breasted finch by sallycarey
Photo  by Melinda_Stewart_Page
Incoming! by Dave_Carnahan
Southern Red Bishop by WillemS
Portrait of a Young Robin by MourneMountainMan
Rose-breasted Grosbeak - Anahuac NWR by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Beauties by angelacook
house finch by RobynC
Flying Through The Storm  by janetherododge
Yellow by Sonya_Oli4
2007-01-16Junco by deannefortnam
Photo  by Aunto
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The bridge ... by henriettevangolde
Mosquito Look Out by Hood
Zebra Finch,Coronation Beach,Western Australia by Trotts
Weaver by WillemS
Bird on twig by Banie
sparrow by Alexander-Johnson
Red Browed Finch by ImagesByLouisa
Sitting pretty by ritafadams
siskin (1_of_2) by annetteflottwell
It's Spring!  I'm in the Mood for Love... by Daisy00