Five birds by seanpatti
Longtailed tit by Nicolascrown
Purple Finch by tonyahurseyboyd
Winter Sparrow by FaithPhotography
Freedom is in our hands! - akodymoment by akodymoment
Rosebud Finch by marquis1955
Bohemian Waxwing (5) by Jaspa
House Finch by rushewallace
Gartered Trogon. by Alfredo_Jose
Song Sparrow by DenisT
House Finch  by JenFromCincy
P2190517.JPG by countryside
No cherries yet..... by tassietom
Nice places like not only humans... by morriskleyman
Fabulous Finch  by dvierno
Male house finch by conniehumphreys_3889
Northern Flicker by RandyL
Guarding the Family by DocTom
A Little Snack by GigiJim08
Goldfinch In Portrait by BrianpSlade
Zebra Finch by NeilFermandel
House Finch by Wash_photo
Siskin edit by trainwoman
_MG_4039.Finch by bobbytaylor71
House finch in the bitter cold by RobynC
Getting the Red eye !!,,,,DSC_3878 (2) by llowzz
Brown Headed Honeyeater. by biglenswildlife
Hoopoe by drharshavardhanreddy
Finch #5 by FGHeron
_MG_9082 ... Bird at the Feeder by bobbytaylor71
In my garden by joannedirkquinten
The Look Of Love ~ by ReneeBlake