Take Only Memories by LookSee
Ride the Lightning by thomasstreiff
Electric Flowers by YakovAflalo
Scorpio's Wrath by patrickkulwicki
electric rainbow train by julianlynch
Yellow Brick Road  by Clairvoyant_Photography
Bio Door by Patrick_Law
Electric Glen 2016 Reflections by JasperPhotography
IMG_2091 by sarathvitala
Electrical Pylon by dynastesgranti
Grounded by acglock
Aligned power lines by DavidH60
Street Lamp Of Venice by KayBrewer
The spike lamp paradox by ingomenhard
Massive Lightning strike in Dundee by Foxhound
Prumm_2358_2014_07_03 by Rex-Pix
The Towers by NanaSue54
Light up by BlueKohaku05
Old Guitar by Fester13
lightening by tinawiley
Zulia's Pearl by jonaspiontek
Catching Mjoinor by kylere
Photo  by dylantjader
Taste For Best by LookSee
Electric by Derald1961
United States Army Locomotive Number 4643    un-edited by 1Ernesto
Franschhoek  by wernerswanepoel
Raw Energy II by jxsnyder
Downtown Seattle Night by ThanePhelan
Lightning Never Strikes Twice by adriansart
Fine Lines by Dhill