Farm reflection by sigridbh
Act of God by alexiusvanderwesthuizen
Gibson Guitar by teetee1852
Give me Power by Justmetoo
Volta by derekgalon
Dim light by MrJBond
Photo  by CORIL
Moody clouds by elizabethmount
Clampus has got hisself one splitting headache!  by DexHortonPhotography
LIghtning Strikes by KennethKeifer
Night light by doja
Have guitar, will play by HimiJendrix84
fireplace by BrandonThomasPhotography
Tower in B&W by NanaSue54
IMG_1582 by Soeno door... by mloiz
guitar by Johnsalterego
Dolce vita by elitzavelkova
Photo  by Servar
Electric Guitar by Chelle-s
Electrical Pylon by dynastesgranti
Handmade Guitar by Dhill
Lightening Strike by dianeflynn
buzzert by BlackRockPhoto_PaulSmith
Fire in the sky. :-) by melvinjohnson_9472
Steel-Wheel by johannesoehl
THe electric train by bob666
My Guitar  by Edoardo Puntillo
Nest of Lightning by taylorjohnturner
Axe by MikeW