DSCN2453 The Look by rosemoyle
Joy and sorrow: the paintbrushes of life by DamianHadjiyvanov
Photo  by pedrontheworld
Box elder bug by patticooper
Music is My Soul by chokysinam
Marine Highway  by paulcarew
Beyond the 60th Sense #1 (Eve) by pedrontheworld
Raypole Elderly Woman by ericcriswell
dont be sorry for me...my dream was having my picture taken  by pedrontheworld
The Young and The Old by LajosE
tribal elder by frankseltmann
Maasai Elder by ColinJMcMechan
Singing with Soul by amyecrowe
the old man from here by A_Valverde
Paria Canyon -   Box elder sapling in crack in canyon wall by randalpair
I remember everything by GEFAELL
The Panic Room by pedrontheworld
"Don't feel sorry for me...my dream was having my picture taken" by pedrontheworld
Lady Amnesia by KlaraKasprzyk
loneliness by inapandora
Greg the Newspaper Boy by pedrontheworld
The Shopkeeper by RobertoPazziPhotography
1772 Wait-a-awhile by rosemoyle
Raypole Elderly Lady by ericcriswell
NO WAY!!! by pedrontheworld
Gorilla Elder by Jfer1992
Helpless by pedrontheworld
Old-Time Religion  by pedrontheworld