Basilica of San Francisco el Grande by ericcriswell
Notre Dame Basilica by empty_quarter
Clingmans Milky Way by dlos
Sunset in the Smokies by EduardMoldoveanu
Copper dancing girls 1910 by michaelsawyers
The kelpies at night by tommysmith_9536
Capitol Rotunda  by dvierno
Half Dome Sunset by aaronncollier
Kansas State Capitol by LiaMarie
Sunset at the Bridge by markcote
Shah Abbasi Caravanserai by ebrahimfaryabi
Buda Castle  by lizziemellis
Greece,  by CharlesPSchaefer
Gold Domes on St. Cathrine's Palace by DrPhrogg
Clouds over Half Dome by DeniseDewirePhotography
Capillo del Rosario by olesteffensen
Photo  by chrisclark_0873
02YosemiteB&W-1979-013 by LCdutch
Last Light at Yosemite Tunnel View  by larrymarshall
Maria Taferl cupola by PhilC
Iceland (DSC00868) by larrymarshall
Yosemite Summer Sunset 050_a_fused by markteufel
Wisconsin Capitol by GigiJim08
Austin Texas by MicaelaDC
Red Dome Reflection On Hummingbird-8446-2 by InnateArtist
Fire on the sky by valerashupenja_8793
Half Dome from Glacier Point by russellgaughen
Mountains of Yosemite by Vishpala
Lower Valletta by titter
Russia - St. Petersburg 18 by Joviaal