Time for lunch by NickSW
Making Ends Meet by Justin_Lingana
Girl with space bun in retro diner by jayngai
Art Addiction by babarskykh
Cannibal holocaust by NickSW
1950s Diner Chrome by stephengalle
Chrome and Checkers by stephengalle
The Cap Needs a Shake by EvolutionaryImages
Sweet nature by NickSW
Ant vs Worm by NickSW
Shirley Temple & James Dean  by lisaholloway
Women and Men by Mehen
Diner in winter-hdr by toma2000asah
Morning Table by imagineit
Lori's Diner of San Francisco (1950's Decor) by trishzimmerman
Pink Cadillac Diner by BeccaLynn
Shirley Temple & James Dean  by lisaholloway
Diner by Ian_B
DSC02586 by ELM96Photos
Powell and Market by michaelwsf
Diner by Mathew_Ingalls
Blue Moon Diner by redwriter
A Peaceful Seat by randybenzie
In the Diner by barbarabrock
Shirley Temple & James Dean  by lisaholloway
Slow Day at the Diner by stephenvantuyl
Red Peppers (Black background) by Confalonieri
1950s girl by Nandif
Dinner for Two by Paul-Stapleton