Girl with space bun in retro diner

A photoshoot done in a retro diner with Anna as model

A photoshoot done in a retro diner with Anna as model
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harmeetsingh May 29, 2019
EricaAlmquist June 16, 2019
Cute shot!
mari_lyn June 25, 2019
love the vintage/retro look

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in a retro-style cafe in Maple Ridge, BC Canada. I've been thinking about doing a photoshoot in a retro cafe and I found this one while I was doing research. We didn't know if they will allow us to shoot there heading in, and we got lucky as the staff was friendly and had no issues with us shooting. I would highly recommend anybody to call ahead and ask or you may just be wasting your time.
It was around noontime, normally I wouldn't even consider doing a portrait photoshoot during midday but I know that we are going to be shooting indoor and lighting could somewhat be a challenge so I picked a time where we can maximize the available light. I tried to do this shoot as low profile as I can because after all, we are shooting in a restaurant with customers being served. *Tip for shooting in a restaurant, always order some food and drinks so you are always a customer, as well as showing good gesture and not just taking advantage of the look/decorations of the venue where they actually invested money into.
Going in, I didn't prepare and have any expectation of the light, I was relatively new to portrait at the time so you can say I didn't know better =) One important tip is that whenever you are shooting indoor with only natural light, always have the subject staying close to a window. The glass of the window will serve as a diffuser and can filter out some harsh light especially during midday. Another reason to have the subject stay close to the windows is to create a more dramatic lighting situation as well. You can see the left and right side of Anna's face (Subject in this photo) had almost a Rembrandt to it
I shot this using a Canon EOS M5 on a 50mm f1.8 with a speed booster which allowed me to open up even to f1.2 to draw in more light. I highly recommend looking into getting a speed booster for your APSC camera, it does not replace what a full-frame has to offer but having 1 or 2 stops more of light can be a game-changer, also the bokeh coming from that will also be different. I own a full-frame but the colors just don't look as good as this M5 combo.
I've always wanted to do a photoshoot in a retro cafe, and a girl with space buns I did quite a bit of research and looking for inspiration like on Viewbug, and some other website to see how others did their version and what to look out for.
I didn't spend a lot of time post for this one, the image coming out of the camera is already pretty good. except I have to tone down the highlight in the background and did a little bit of skin touching on Anna. That's it!
In my camera bag
I always carry 2 bodies with me Canon EOS RP Canon EOS M5 As for lenses, it depends on what type of photoshoot I am doing at the time. For portrait, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8, speedbooster and a variable ND just incase For landscape, 10-22mm, 24-70 f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8mm, tripod, filters and a water bottle
- Be aware of the light, you don't want to have an environment that is too bright, a little bit on the darker side is actually the best but make sure subject is close to a window so her/his face is lit properly - Make sure the venue is ok with what you are doing, keep a low profile - Have fun

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