She's Posing by jlappen
Dutch cows by DennisartPhotography
A Herd of Highland Cows  by Bluestarpaul
Highland Cow by roryferguson
Private Cows by ChibaBob
Watching you watching me by AnneDphotography
12-29-15... by sweetpea72
The herd at sunrise by photolifejournal
the girl and the cows by spARTiat_de
Farming Silhouette by Jenna_Lynn_Photography
Im Savin' My Breakfast For Later... by sweetpea72
Cow in Allgäu by Pupparazzi
Heading for the Alps by Archangel72
young bull by dieterrose
Bird pulls fur from cows to make their nests soft and warm. by Lukekat
My precious Cow Pie…. ヅ by Capture-Life
Outstanding in Their Field by nina050
Rural Idyll by HenrikSpranz
Loner by bcenu
Déjà Moo by ivysinkunas
Calf by thejerd
Longhorn Cow by KimFree
Cow Tales by AnneDphotography
Hairy Coo  by jennycameron
Cow and Calf by RapturedImage
Wintertime Blues by dtdrphotography
0648 by BRIN
Headed to the High Country by RapturedImage
Sunset At Farm by jstgoxo
Oregon Power by keithviklund
Time to Sort by RapturedImage