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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken during our trip to Tanzania to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I was sitting in the back seat and took this picture through the windscreen of our 4x4. I love the depth of field in this photo. As you can see the radio is set to the ranger channel so that George our driver can keep in touch with other rangers about Wildlife sightings.
This was fairly early in the morning whilst out on a game drive. We were travelling along a dirt track when we unexpectedly came across these Masai moving their cattle. We had to wait while they moved their cattle aside to allow us to continue on our way. It made for an interesting shot.
As this was fairly early in the morning the sun had not yet reached its full strength, which meant there were no deep shadows to contend with.
I had my Sony A7mk3 with a 28-70mm lens attached. It was hand held and I am amazed at the depth of field that I was able to achieve.
How could I not be inspired to take this unexpected opportunity to take a photo of these Masai going about their daily routine. It was a lucky encounter that paid dividends in terms of interest.
Their was a crack in the vehicle’s windscreen in the top left hand side which I was able to remove using Lightroom’s healing module. It worked well.
In my camera bag
I have a selection of lenses. Because it was so special a trip I bought Sony’s 200-600mm G OSS zoom lens which had only just been put on the market. I was lucky to get it just before our trip. I also bought a 1.5 doubler. At the time I did not know which one to get as there was also a 2x doubler. I contacted the Viewbug community about which one to buy and I received some excellent advice. With these lenses I was able to obtain some stunning close ups of leopards and other wildlife. In my bag I also carry the usual essential cleaning kit of brushes and cloths etc as well as waterproof covers for my lenses.
If you want to capture amazing wildlife then I thoroughly recommend Tanzania as the country to visit. It is an fabulous country with exceptional wildlife.

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