happy cows by ovi_craciun
DSCN4725 Mother and Calf by rosemoyle
Best Friends by petrabischoff
Head of the Herd. by StuieRooster
NM Cows am by ret364
I've got it Licked?! by StuieRooster
The Girls by jenibrown
Cape Kidnappers by carmen2016
Sea view by occasionalclimber
Champ-de-vaches-et-nuages by YvanC
The Milky Way by sdfg
Kiss Kiss by Natural17
Mother & child reunion by AlStewart56
Relaxing by leslieelizabeth
Lone Pine Cows by beamieyoung
DSC_3615-2 by capinard
Ashroe by murty
Guarding Turf by randybenzie
A bit cold today ! by ginorecchia
Dinner Served Cold by NanaSue54
Moo by garywaites
Caught by Eilysh
Are You Lookin' at Me? by NanaSue54
Ranch Land by Neckbone
Cows B-W by ConnieFresn
Saskatchewan cows by lpp526
to tired  by InterchellePhotography
Hillside moo by Deboodle
Cows in the mist by iriswaanders
Cindy The Cow... by sweetpea72
Sticking close to mom by FastHandPhoto