Gannet courtship by BAHP
Portrait Of The Peacock by Rocter
Hooded Seals on the Pack Ice by JeffCanning
When they Met by koolv
Courtship dance by carolvile
Playing Coy by vintagefemme
Cardinal Pair by AntolovichPhotography
A courtship.  by allisonvanzant
Male Kori Bustard in Display by Payson418
Great Crested Grebe Pair Courtship by Granddadscott
Please, Please look at me DSC_1157_2105.JPG by georgevanderweide
Fairytale Ride by momojoe1424
Courtship by vincenzoiacovoni
Muskrats hanging out by Maadhatter
Bill Dipping by koolv
Moments of Love  by ambujphotography
PWL_5899.JPG by paullawson_8180
Trying to win her over DSC_1155_2103.JPG by georgevanderweide
First encounter by jenicasmith
grebe-1 by Gordy
Turkey courtship by kellytownsend
Peacock by Jon--Hall
It's me, It's me you want DSC_1164_2107.JPG by georgevanderweide
Greater Sandhill Cranes (courtship dance) by CCPhotography
More Muskrat Love by Maadhatter
Southern at War Re-enactment Day by phil_bird
Look at me DSC_1156_2104.JPG by georgevanderweide
Dance of Cranes 1 by jlbowers
Showoff by moorepics
Muskrat Love by Maadhatter
Australasian Grebes in Courtship - New Zealand  by Alibeare
Courtship by Sandranne