Triad Of Colours by sahilnanda
 Eastern Bluebird Love by kzphotos
Gift for her by EuroBen
Flamingos by macropixel
Stork courtship ! by jules1580
Indian Peacock in full display by eddie2
Sandhill Cranes duet trumpeting by jeffnewton
Glorious by Morgan-Lou
Chinstrap courtship by berniemazor
Satin Bower Bird in courtship mode by LeanneMWilliams
American Wigeon Courtship by stevemcdonald
Love Dance by sandracashes
Courtship flight Curlew-3941 by DarwinsBloodhound
Wartime romance by phil_bird
Mallard Duck by eddie2
peacock looking for romance by MishaMaricPhotography
Display by Rankkimuu
Prairie Dancers by lakevermilionphotos
Southern at War Re-enactment Day by phil_bird
Peacock Courtship Fanning III (tmp_27316-LRM_EXPORT_20170412_130900-867742282) by muse2max
spring the season of coutship P1190651 by CURUTCHET
Avocet-Dance by rogerstelfox
Hey There! by NaturesBounty
swan by murch22
Common raven, courtship by 4-your-eyes
Damselflies on fern by Topaz62
Pinkathon by aayushdudhiya
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Great Crested Grebes Together As One  by Popsee
Simply irresistible by SarahKeates