Waxwings by Daemus
Pink day by Mantra1234
The Courtship Dance of the Mourning Doves by junegauntley
great crested grebe in common reed by karl78
Peacock Spider - Maratus splendens - Display by xXMartinXx
Osprey Courtship by photosbyjoesaladino
Eurasian collared doves by Olha_Lavrenchuk
A Courtin' We Will Go by claireclosson
Lovers by GMCPhotographics
Victoria's Riflebird by kathaggiss
Colorful by Kris_M
Bohemian Waxwings - lovers by JestePhotography
The Dance by JanAdkison
Butterfly Courtship by photosbyjoes
Kingfishers, Courting- by paulhiggs
a free moment from the Courtship Dance by Mantra1234
Dance of love by deborahbifulco
Love birds by rogerbatt
Wings of Love-Bird Courtship by dinahumphreys
Dawn Romance ... by denisenewman
Green Courtship by EuroBen
True Love by kathaggiss
gannet-courtship-ritual-www4-your-eyescom by 4-your-eyes
A winter morning by tahirabbasawan
Kiss by julie_cavell
Dancing in the Air by ChixPixPhotography
Great Curassow by kathaggiss
Butterfly Courtship by photosbyjoes
Pin Tail Whydah couirtship by kengoh
Hooded Merganser Courtship by animalartist