Wizard Hat  by shelidenola
The House with the Bare is Beautiful Tree by LifeForcePhotography
"Innocent Shadows" by marcogabbuggiani
Temple if Hercules by EdithSmith27
Sumter County Courthouse III by eyeDream
S. Bento monastery by MIsabel
Basilica of St. Paul's Outside the Wall by MaryAnn
Lincoln Memorial by Wizzard
View out to the Ligurian Sea by brittabia
Art @ Night by RileyAbbottPhotography
Jesus Christ Super Star by AdirahsEyes
Columns by Stevenhendricksphotog
Pattern I  by EvanKor
Elegant Entrance by josephbologna
The Windsor Ruins by SuesHe
_MG_8195 by angelikakisnikos
Heaven at NY Public Library by alexvignoli
Staffa. by huwddu
Girl with the white boots by suzanatulac
Shadows and Curves by RMBphoto
Heavenly Light by marcpelletier
Ephesus, Turkey by SueClarkPhoto
Roman Pantheon by EdithSmith27
Room To Read by Wizzard
Amber in Annapolis by MIKELOPES
St Mary's Cathedral by Vamedia
Louisiana Old State Capitol by sjholbert
At the level of the flight of birds by mary-konovalova
Sumter County Courthouse IV by eyeDream
Ancient fisherman's ruins by finosandrea
At the column. Part 2 by vladigoshin