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beverlyhicksburch June 30, 2015
Thank you for the information you add to you images! I enjoy that extra touch.
sergiogold June 30, 2015
Much obliged Beverly :)
mlmiller49 July 03, 2015
I really like how you captured the symmetry of this building.
sergiogold July 03, 2015
Thanks a lot friend :)
TonyUK11 July 04, 2015
I am litterally lost for words on how stunning this image is, but here goes.... This is what I expect my eyes to reaveal to me in this Crypt, I did not expect a camera to ever get this realistic view, its almost like I am stood next to you while you took this image. It makes my Pyramidical Orchid HD look bland
Tony in England
sergiogold July 04, 2015
Many thanks Tony, Jerusalem churches very impressive, i like old interiors :)
tanjajensen July 06, 2015
I am with TonyUK11 on his critic! Beautiful!
sergiogold July 06, 2015
Thank you very much Tanja :)
ajay46 July 07, 2015
Excellent shot. Very impressive
sergiogold July 07, 2015
Much obliged Alan!
junegauntley July 08, 2015
I am speechless!!!
sergiogold July 08, 2015
Many thanks June :)
pegleg July 09, 2015
super cool shot nice one
sergiogold July 09, 2015
Thanks a lot Stephen :)
JeffBarbierPhotography July 09, 2015
Nice capture!
sergiogold July 09, 2015
Thanks Jeff :)
barrywald July 09, 2015
You had to have used a tripod for this shot. Did you have any trouble bringing a tripod into the church? Did you have any problem with the authorities allowing you to set up the tripod? The quality of this photo is very impressive. What lens did you use?
sergiogold July 09, 2015
Yes Barry i use tripod, with my camera i can't shot without tripod in low light. Many churches are not allowed, but i managed to take some photos :) This is HDR photo from 3 pictures. I use canon lenses 10-18mm :)
Coach_25_0 July 11, 2015
Nicely done Sergio!
sergiogold July 11, 2015
Thank you Andre :)
kaimdilekeno July 11, 2015
Very nice HDR! Are you living in Israel?
sergiogold July 11, 2015
Thanks Kaim, yes i am living here :)
jantaylor_0908 July 12, 2015
Thats gorgeous
sergiogold July 14, 2015
Many thanks Jan :)
Stanley_Photog July 17, 2015
Again, great work with this shot! What an awesome range you captured. Well done!
sergiogold July 17, 2015
Thanks a lot Stanley :)
sharonpeterson July 18, 2015
How beautiful. This photo just makes me want to be there. I have always longed to see Jerusalem and Israel and this photo entices me even more. WOW!
sergiogold July 18, 2015
Thank you very much Sharon :)
rong792 July 19, 2015
Beautiful photo. Looks like a fine oil painting. Well done.
sergiogold July 19, 2015
Thank you Barbara :)
jlouie56 July 21, 2015
Awesome shot Sergio, great job of capturing this image and thanks again for sharing your world.
sergiogold July 21, 2015
Many thanks Jim :)
davidbidmead July 23, 2015
Splendid image ! Love this photo, great tone, color, detail. Beautiful lighting.
sergiogold July 23, 2015
Thanks a lot David :)
Bongyan July 27, 2015
WOW!! Nr. 1.
sergiogold July 27, 2015
Thanks Lajos :)
glynis001 July 31, 2015
Superb, and I would like to add, wow
sergiogold July 31, 2015
Thank you friend :)
jmccalli February 07, 2016
Jerusalem must be an amazingly beautiful place. Your photos are that of a dream. Wonderful work!
sergiogold December 31, 2018
Many thanks my friend :)
lizziemellis December 31, 2018
Wonderful image and interesting information:-)
sergiogold December 31, 2018
Thank you my friend :)
Very nicely done.
sergiogold Jan 03
Glad you like it Byron :)
SteBil30 Jan 02
Stunning, love the post processing!
sergiogold Jan 03
Many thanks my friend :)
mihrt Jan 05
Yes, the History is much appreciated. Amazing capture and edit - I think Tony in England said it best !
sergiogold Jan 07
Thanks a lot Gail :)
Cookies4U Jan 05
Amazing work! And thank you for the information.
sergiogold Jan 07
Glad you like it my friend :)
vsidles Jan 06
Love the edit on this! Great job!
sergiogold Jan 07
Many thanks Vicki :)
terryc Jan 14
How beautiful, Sergio!!
sergiogold Jan 15
Glad you like it my friend :)
tetvet Jan 15
nice shot, like the depth, great colors

Crypt of Dormition Church

Dormition Abbey, Jerusalem, Israel

Distinguished by its blue conical roof, four ornamented turrets and landmark clock tower, the Abbey of the Dormi...
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Dormition Abbey, Jerusalem, Israel

Distinguished by its blue conical roof, four ornamented turrets and landmark clock tower, the Abbey of the Dormition in Jerusalem is a German Benedictine church completed in 1910. It was built on land given by the Turkish sultan to the German Kaiser Wilhelm II and commemorates the "falling asleep" (dormitio) of the Virgin Mary.
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