Looking up the front of the Duomo in Pisa's Square of MIracles, Italy by SueClarkPhoto
Corridor of shadows by brittabia
Bryce Sunrise by frisbeechica
Bialik House by AdirahsEyes
Parthenon  by Pickerboy71
St. Isaacs by DrPhrogg
St. Marks at Venice by AdirahsEyes
RecepciĆ³n Hotel Eyre. Oviedo Reception Hotel Eyre. Oviedo by Eugeniogarrido
The Acropolis At Night by lucindawalter
Columns by RHRatcliffe
Arches by jwest
London Stock Exchange  by tricianicolescott
Black Wrought Iron Gate by sandrabarlowpowell
Missouri State Capitol by charles3
Exclamation by aprillewis
Photo  by Matapiku
Temple by Martingp
Plaza Blanca L by randalpair
Dundurn Castle by tracymunson
The ancient lighthouse by finosandrea
Adams Canal Stairs by dcostopoulos
Columns of Conundrum by kspindley
Curved Rail Bridge  by cjcphotography
Florence Today by florenceK
Demolition Progress by snowdon
vik by DonnadaYetta
Inside Liberec City Hall  by monox
Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, Greece! by Mtneye
Twin Towers Ephesus by djkaraok
Light among the Columns by Kail
Jerash, Jordan  by MGNasser
Columns & Wall by Kamstrup