Lead the Way by tamarabillingsley
20161221_111407 by MarinaLeo
image by mimhoward
Plaza Blanca G by randalpair
Posing for the Shot by AdirahsEyes
Doric columns by geagaetanidaragona
Where time stood still by efratcybulkiewicz
Stoa of Attalos by vasilpro
Causeway Blues by richardmcaleese
Lincoln at Dusk by radmonster_photography
The Fountain Glass by SamKpakiwa71
Roman Columns by JoaoAscenso
Straight Up by barbarabrock
Columns by POLCHIEF
Basilica san Frediano by brittabia
The Dead of Winter by TinaSuz
Prague Door Detail by TinaSuz
Inglis Falls Water Flitration Plant by PaulMurphy
Sara Show 2 by marcogabbuggiani
Brandenburg Gate  by dawnvandoorn
Stourhead by Click_Here
Watching the Passing Parade by bobtoye
Perfection by illypet
collonade by pixelmac
~Under The Damespoint Bridge~ by Barbee
The Romanian Athenaeum  by vio0orel
Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial by glenmarshall
2016-05-26 18.57.27 by aroverstreet
Warm Breeze by TimothyPrincehorn
Plaza Blanca F by randalpair
The Duomo with the iconic Leaning Tower behind it, in Pisa's Square of MIracles, Italy by SueClarkPhoto
Washington Monument Through the Jeffeson Memorial at Dusk by Sdonion