Cock by Sanaei
I'm Out a Here Greater Prairie Chicken in Flight  by mcphoto2bug
Soaking Up Sunlight by MaggieClaire
Fancy Pants by LoriMay2017
Proud Cock by JKSImagery
The best part of the chicken by angeladignasbravin
You Talkin' to Me by gailhowarth
We Love Chicken by NanaSue54
Ring Neck Duck by Jaspa
Chicken Crow by matthew.eden
Struttin' by RichardAlford
Tyrant Hawk Eagle in black & white by Skykink
Wild chickens by Zilyram
Feathered Friend by JayneBug
Pontiac Trans Am by andrewhershfeld
Golden Feathers by matthew.eden
Rooster  by carolyns
Who's there? by douglasbeecher
Mr rooster by carolyns
Chicken 2 by jorgegarciaperez
Not hungry now by natbramble
Lake view B&W by Redjule
Not hungry now by natbramble
Row Boat B&W by Redjule
How are you? by jabbarjamil
Ruffled Feathers by stephenshaffer
Sunny Side Up by BobbyLeeTateJr
We were born two days  by hofhauser
Debates club by steffoto
Mother Hen by Xmary
Chicken Snake by grassy