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iceman2 October 24, 2013
Excellent focus and POV in this wonderful capture!
TomK October 24, 2013
Great Pov
MaryAnne306 October 31, 2013
Wow! Beautiful colors, fascinating bird, unusual and excellent composition composition! Great photo.
kelzz November 06, 2013
love it
kelzz November 06, 2013
SherranAndersen December 07, 2013
Lol... that bird looks so proud. Love the reds.
sweetpea72 December 07, 2013
Awesome shot (:
Joey_Howard January 02, 2014
Crazy cool chicken looks kinda mean though. ;)
kasper June 05, 2014
Congrats. Interesting shot.
jojoxena June 05, 2014
Awesome color and detail,congrats on feature!
Timbo June 05, 2014 entertaining shot...
AlanJakarta June 05, 2014
Terrific & amusing shot. Congratulations.
Joey_Howard June 05, 2014
Love this photo !!!
AndreaE June 05, 2014
Fantastic shot and POV! Congrats on your Feature!!
prairiem June 05, 2014
This photo is stunning. The clarity and focus are brilliant and fantastic composition. Love it.
iceman2 June 05, 2014
katoplato June 05, 2014
Cracker! This made me smile, thanks
Chrism June 05, 2014
Absolutely genius! Congratulations on the feature.
barbarabrock June 05, 2014
holy moly! Great shot...I love the barn in the background too!
hotpixel June 05, 2014
Way cool... red on red (: Congratulations !!
chrissy2rn June 05, 2014
Cockadoodle-doo to you! This is one cool capture!:)
michaelkovler June 05, 2014
Perfect point of shoot!!!
Lizsette June 05, 2014
Excellent photo!
gunners42 June 05, 2014
Excellent.... way to go!
AnneDphotography June 05, 2014
wow, great shot and congrats !!
GBloniarz June 05, 2014
Commendable recording; like your low to the ground perspective! Congrats!
LionesLens June 05, 2014
Awesome!!! Congratulations!
paulinesimmonds June 05, 2014
What a Character! Fantastic capture
running56horses June 06, 2014
This is great! Awesome texture and detail. I'm wondering how you got that close, with that POV, without getting pecked on :-). - Jamie
drakkardarkblade June 06, 2014
LaurenHeinatz June 06, 2014
LOVE the POV on this as well as the composition and matching reds. Well done!
Alannixon June 07, 2014
Terrific shot, congrats!
Bannekh June 07, 2014
Nice shot
marnadeckerbenion June 07, 2014
Very cool
fotogalmexican June 07, 2014
super cool
traceprinslooreppin June 08, 2014
...what an absolutely awesomely wonderfully cool capture :-)
redwriter June 08, 2014
Great shot & detail. Congrats. - Jake
stewartgould June 10, 2014
Brilliantly captured. Everything from the feel to composition. Well done.
HelenRea June 14, 2014
Amazing capture Mitch...nice work! :)))
Dawnareemarie June 14, 2014
love this!!! I have taken pics of chickens and roosters. This is great.
jeffsinnock June 14, 2014
This is crazy cool
brandonoh June 16, 2014
amazing capture
judyhurley June 17, 2014
Fabulous in every way!
Fernando_Smolders June 18, 2014
anndanellsnorthrup June 19, 2014
clair June 27, 2014
Love it!
timlucas June 28, 2014
thats one ugly bird shot really well!
florrie July 05, 2014
I just love this shot! That little fellow looks like a real character, and it is a wonderful capture.
LaurieS July 06, 2014
Wow great closeup and POV!
yolandatamezenfield July 16, 2014
Incredible shot!
Scooby225 July 20, 2014
This is a hellava shot!!!
aliced July 26, 2014
Awesome detail!!
limar1974 August 10, 2014
great shot
topaz September 10, 2014
This would make an awesome painting!!
rushgirl67 September 22, 2014
Beautiful color and detail. Unique perspective.
alisonjenningswohleb September 23, 2014
This is very Andrew Wyeth meets barnyard fowl. It's fantastic!
borderlight September 29, 2014
He's so ugly that he;s almost cute. Love the contrast!!!
kimberlyjmayo October 21, 2014
Seriously never thought I would think of a chicken as breathtaking, but you have gotten me to feel this way! Beautiful!!!
terrywilsonphoto November 06, 2014
Superb detail! Matches the barn too.
phtowomyn November 21, 2014
Inspire4More November 29, 2014
Congrats amazing image :)
karenbyrd November 30, 2014
Great photo. Ominous clouds behind one kick yo ass kind of chicken. The reds are great.
annemarielatimer December 04, 2014
I LOVE this photo...great reds!
AlexSerres December 20, 2014
Hahaha Freaky, but excellent
AlmaSabia2010 January 19, 2015
What an interesting perspective!
DorisSeybold January 24, 2015
renerezvan January 24, 2015
that chicken looks like it's ready to conquer the farm! fabulous shot!
muscularchristian January 30, 2015
It took me awhile to figure what the heck this was all I know is man that is that is one ugly birds
great colours
amberdavidsonanderson February 24, 2015
Super sharp. Love the colors.
dscham March 02, 2015
Hey, I think I dated her. Really nice.
guilleiglesia March 05, 2015
Nice colours and beautiful bird!
danielmartin March 06, 2015
The DOF play a great role here... It had to the size of this bird!!! Very good!
judyhorton March 06, 2015
Love the pov with the chicken positioned in front of the red barn!
pjbell_1949 March 06, 2015
Beautiful rich colour, well done!
Dunner March 07, 2015
Stunning capture! Awesome POV. Love the dual color theme. Beautifuk image!
staciestevens March 08, 2015
To funny! Loved it!
jnfotobug March 19, 2015
Wendylou March 25, 2015
Amazing capture, love the close detail!
DebbieBayless12 April 09, 2015
Beautiful and very creative!
Pblais May 12, 2015
Not anyone can just shoot roosters and make a shot. Great job! The red barn is really a plus.
Tekla May 12, 2015
რა საყვარელია
Carlotta May 25, 2015
great Story, fantastic capture
Beautiful shot!!1
LightWrite June 04, 2015
How'd you get the chicken to stand so still? lol
CharlieV June 11, 2015
Very cool. Love the use of red.
NuWaver374 June 13, 2015
rich colors, amazing focus and angle, but this is one creepy looking bird!
Manisalan June 16, 2015
Astonishing...!! Love it. Alan
Janjoeng July 15, 2015
Great capture.
Nice POV.
jordansutphin July 20, 2015
Silkies are my favorite!
LuenaImagine July 27, 2015
Amazing photo! I love the colors and the perspective. The texture of it is awesome!
kathyk_abq August 08, 2015
Wonderful detail and colors - just love it!
reflectionsbyrenee August 18, 2015
I am not a chicken person but this is great, congrats on the featured, very cool chicken, the detail is perfect without being over the top..
mauricebolden September 19, 2015
this photo is without a blemish and divine
BrunoCote October 29, 2015
WolfEyesPhotography November 13, 2016
What a fantastic photo!
myriamverne-soury April 03, 2017
Excellent capture !
LisaReader May 02, 2017
Incredible capture. Puts a smile on my face just looking at him. Well done! :)
Byronfairphotography September 05, 2017
Very cool, Outstanding capture
madisonyurek January 12, 2018
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kellyyasmine Mar 03
Lol lol This is excellent vibrant alive i love it.Well done\u2665\uFE0F\u2665\uFE0F\u2665\uFE0F

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