Virginia City, Nevada Cemetery In Infrared by renomike
Photo  by lorispears
Watching over you by yumenoyukari
Na Seacht Teampaill (The Seven Churches) by DGriffiths
Never forget by jeffniederstadt
Perspective by billhill
End Circle by sLsM
The Sacred Heart by ydesousa
Final Resting Place by maryeileengardner
Granary Burying Ground After Snowfall by melsteinberg
Hidden Agendas  by dannyflowers
St.Pancras Churchyard by louvincenti
100_3195vb copy by copkid14
The Guardian  by eyeDream
Eyes to heaven by jdrummond
Magnolia by Jack_Key
An Old Barn in Vermont by rlbellomy
Cemetery in New orleans by Crazypuke
A Place to Reflect by eyeDream
Sleepy Hollow, NY cemetery - Little Morton by stuarts1031
Photo  by lorispears
Cemetery within ruins  by MIsabel
To munch white cross by patrickterschlusen
mother and child by AKFurio
rodeo by AKFurio
The Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery by RoadKing1985
Under the Cedar Tree by eyeDream
lily by AKFurio
Journey's End by SteveTweed
Sunrise in the mountains by gailadams_5057
German-graveyard by tkmac
Sarailizzy by CP_Photo