Indian Jezebel Butterfly by RobbieRoss
The common Lime Butterfly by RobbieRoss
Red Sunflower by RobbieRoss
Tree Down by kcnichols
Golden Roof by KColbyPhotography
Buddy fancies himself a photographer! by KristinaGale
Snowy Oaks by KristinaGale
An Unusual Poppy by mihrt
Oriental Poppy by mihrt
Lazy, Hazy Summer Day!! by mihrt
Taking to the Slopes by mihrt
Sleeping Bee ???? by mihrt
Layla - Just Daydreaming  by mihrt
White Clematis by mihrt
Cloverfield by KristinaGale
Swing me to the moon! by KristinaGale
Tread Softly Please by mihrt
Happy Family by mihrt
Overgrown Old Barn by mihrt
Winter Fun by mihrt
Delicate Poppy by mihrt
Horse and Buggy - American Heart Association Annual Ride by mihrt
Treasures on the Beach by mihrt
Come Sit With Me  by mihrt
One Happy Day by mihrt
Deep in the Maine Woods, Moosehead Lake Region. by reh037
Happy boy! by mihrt
Just Where Do We Go From Here ? by mihrt
SWING!!! by KristinaGale
We two... by godsbod
Buddies for Life by mihrt
Ecology Park in the Afternoon by mihrt