Le Mont-Saint-Michel  by deonpowell
Three colors of nature, abstract seaside view in Brittany, France by alexandersorokopud
Retro film view of seaside in Brittany, low tide, France by alexandersorokopud
Purple sunset over Kermovan lighthouse by florentinatilvic
Play Time! by jyotimutschler
Brittany Puppy by lillyflo
Rugged coast of the island of Ouessant, Brittany, France by chiaramingmei
Perros Guirrec, Brittany, France by chiaramingmei
Pointe du raz and point du vent, Brittany, France by chiaramingmei
Mont Saint-Michel monastery high resolution panoramic view, France by alexandersorokopud
It's a Happy Elvis! by jennhollister
Brittany symbol by ciprianapetrei
L'amour by richardreisenauer
Carnac by ciprianapetrei
Charmed street  by ciprianapetrei
Always keep the light up by ciprianapetrei
Easter eggs I by ciprianapetrei
Budhist temple in Brittany I by ciprianapetrei
Easter eggs IV by ciprianapetrei