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marcbaechtold May 13, 2018
great composition with nice colors and good contrast, keep shooting!
mattiasam Feb 06
amezing shot!check out my page i have some surf photo that you might like!


Tiny surfers and a small wave.
Tiny surfers and a small wave.
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Behind The Lens

I took this pictures in south Brittany, France. That's where I live.
I have received my drone that very day, so I decided to try it instantly. I went to the beach where friends of mine were surfing and I started shooting videos and taking videos with my brand new Mavic Pro. I think this photo was taken between 5 and 6 pm, just before sunset.
To me, the best time of day for drone photography is the "golden hours". It's the first and the last hours of sun of the day. The light is beautiful, the colors amazing and the shadows are very long.
I was using my drone, a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. It was my first flight. I think I was using a ND filter (PolarPro) , because I was also shooting some videos that day.
Because it was my drone's first flight and I was a beginner, I was taking some random pictures, but still I was trying to have some interesting points of view. There were some surfers, so I decided to jump on the occasion to have some nice shots. Once I saw the waves from above, I found amazing how they were moving and the shapes they made behind them. So I wanted to capture the "before and after" a wave (a small one, close to the sand. I think I was afraid to bring my drone too far over the ocean for my first day flying it...).
I shot in RAW so I did some color correction and reframing in Lightroom. That's all I did with it !
In my camera bag
In my bag, I have a Panasonic GH5, with a 12-35mm, a 35-100mm, a Laowa 7.5mm, a Zhiyun Crane 2 Stabilizer, a gorillapod and a Mavic Pro Platinum. This allows me to shoot very nice videos, and take pretty decent photos !
Well, as it was a first shot for me, I didn't really know what to do that day. Now, I would say that with a drone, you just have to fly it everywhere to see some random things of everyday life from above. You can take amazing photos almost everywhere. Just think about some place or activity (far from or close to your home) that could be nice to be seen from above, and go there. Maybe you can check on Google Maps before. I wasn't expecting anything that day, but I brought back home some cool shots !

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