Little Monks by Forrest_Brown
Sunrise over Angkor Wat Temple  by PaddieGB
Reflection by timpryce
Rise over a fallen Empire by Jannba
Buddha in Tree, Angkor Wat, Cambodia by fredstein
Reflection on Angkor Wat by fredstein
Angkor Wat by DrewHopper
Angkor Wat Monk by Forrest_Brown
Ta Prohm temple with overgrowth from encroaching jungle by larrywelch
Angkor Wat by kiramorris
Profiles at Ankor Wat by larrywelch
Aspiration by Brad_Grove
Angkor Wat by syn3rgy
Enlightenment. by Alfredo_Jose
Sunrise by Jaisu
Angkor Wat, Cambodia by NickMoulds
Dawn at Angkor Wat by FlorenceDinah
Angkor Blue Hour by FlorenceDinah
Inside Angkor Wat Complex by FlorenceDinah
Angkor Wat Twilight  by FlorenceDinah
Inside Angkor wat by willysanson
Through the doorways by elainemortypruden
Angkor by willysanson
Angkor Wat by BradGrove
Stormy Angkor by viven
Angkor Wat by Darrenp
Young Monks Taking Selfies Angkor Wat, Cambodia by pantheon02
Saffron by BradGrove
Angkor Wat 20110908_164546 by timer
Angkor Wat under the Milky Way by gabetaviano
Angkor Wat  by mariannebesselsen