"The girl and the Water" by richtaylorphoto
Waterfalls in Autumn by AutumnOaks
What!  by DanzzArtPhotography
My Bird by DanzzArtPhotography
The gentle giant by nicolekost
Bruises by jeffkolbfleisch
Bird Feeder by DanzzArtPhotography
The end of the year. by JamesPaulGrierson
Gears of Time by DarkEyes
Butterfly  by JamesPaulGrierson
Road Less Traveled by bschiller8
Living Texture Photo Challenge by LifeForcePhotography
Morning Coffee and the Web by waterskeeter
Funny Flamingo.....this splashing was all done to draw attention to himself. by LifeForcePhotography
Grill and Chain by waterskeeter
Flying insects by DanzzArtPhotography
A Different Kind of Swan by LifeForcePhotography
Lighthouse In The Island Of Bodie by GigiJim08
little beauty by vjgale
A Team Effort  by JamesPaulGrierson
Stretched  by DanzzArtPhotography
Animals  copy copy by JamesPaulGrierson
Bumblebee  by DanzzArtPhotography
Spring Breeze by nicolekost
Foggy morning at Yates Mill by randyblack
Soco Falls, North Carolina. by DenisT
Living Waters of Mill Shoals  by Dana_Walker
September moon by JamesPaulGrierson
Snow Covered Colored Leaves by chuckmyer
Autumn over Johnathons Creek by chuckmyer
up & away by DanzzArtPhotography
Dry Falls by randyblack