aerial view of New Orleans swamps by jaimietuchman
Approaching Storm by elizabethgrottlestrebel
Aquaduct by uniquephotoarts
E847E28C-1F72-4C23-B839-9E13D03687E3 by Cheron
Father daughter moment  by Nicolegrffn12
cypress trees reflecting in bayou at sunset by jaimietuchman
Water droplets by Craig-101
Female Orb Spider by Plantbliss
759C748E-9BEA-4DF7-976E-FB827C705F79 by nasktari23
Sunset in Zanzibar by MightyDutchman
IMG_2294 by Sugansindu
05FCE952-9F6C-40A5-A6B0-86D39A984EA3 by toddlowman
EA615D0A-387D-4570-B249-058399526C57 by athenabug
squirrel on tree by jaimietuchman
5549BA3D-7DAE-495F-9CC9-9A25730C9AD6 by craigparker_7704
60647DD7-0BF5-4900-BA09-6789E69B7894 by jadebuckingham
Sunset  by Napsuti
My Great Grandpa by shawn-augustson
29278518-B1BB-4005-8AC3-B18A180D38FD by sherryolson-justice
36E491F9-38DA-4811-AD37-A1E94E1B54E8 by mallorybrown
Stop Bullying!! by DangerMan
Backroad Beauty by LeeHmond
IMG_1422 by jaascheffler
IMG_0834 by elizabethgrottlestrebel
Bloom Where You’re Planted by debilee
Pumpkins and Squashes by uniquephotoarts
250AD7D5-604C-4B16-AC1E-74F4A411B7E7 by Sseurope
Green Beauty by harpsphoto
Calke Abbey bathed in Autumn sunshine by Spirt0fFlight
6A69C732-3AA3-4485-A4B7-B5269E23298E by siancaterson-fennel
Girl in Tree by TomJoe73