Enchanted Dawn

Copyright Info © Morgan-Lou Art Photography All rights reserved, Nes i Hedmarken, Norway. 2010.

Copyright Info © Morgan-Lou Art Photography All rights reserved, Nes i Hedmarken, Norway. 2010.
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Another great masterpiece!
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Behind The Lens

This capture was taken in Nes, Hedmarken, Norway from my house's window. We had rented a wooden house at the edge of the forest and this was the view we had each morning. A view from my window that was overlooking the Mjøsa fjord at the horizon.
This awesome rising sun scenery was captured on December 9th 2010 at 9:27 am.
It was early December 2010, it was my first winter experience in this Central East area of Norway. I think that the rising sunlight did almost everything you see in this capture. It was very cold and we had rim frost. The rising sunlight did add some golden touch to the frosted trees which gave this warm pinkish overall hues. I could take the same composition, at different times of the same day, even at an hour of interval, I would have different tonalities. I was ready, I just had to open the window very fast as you can imagine these hues of this dawn did not last long.
Of course no flash as I work essentially with natural light. My camera at the time was an Olympus E620 and I believe I used the Olympus Zuiko 7-14mm f/4 Digital ED Ultra Wide lens. No tripod, handheld because of the ultra wide angle position from the window, I had to lean slightly.
When you wake up to this view every morning, you don't think twice. Well, this is my case at least. Hues, lights, colors, tonalities, glows, fog, mist, are changing constantly so each time I am inspired, I hurry before it's too late. I am aware that these kind of landscapes compositions are quite intimate and this is exactly what I am aiming for. I am always inspired by the less traveled roads, the intimate natural landscapes that convey a unique atmosphere and a memory of the time you have captured it.
Of course, I had to post process this image in terms of shadows/highlights to give balance to the real colors by uplifting the shadows. I have added some vibrance and slightly enhanced the natural saturation. I have slightly dodged the frosted trees to add the true luminosity. Not too much contrast addition for this one as it would have darkened too much the composition and removed the subtle textures of the darker hues and annihilate the original light ... I also have added some sharpness.
In my camera bag
I did not carry any bag for this capture as I had everything handy. When on a trip, I carry my Olympus E5, EM1, and my ZUIKO wide lenses and ultra wide as well especially for landscapes. Telelenses ZUIKO 90-250 and ZUIKO 50-250, Tripod, filters.
Winters in Norway are renowned to be quite spectacular in terms of natural lights. This sounds quite paradoxical knowingly a winter day there lasts around 6 hours. And each time, I am staying there in winter, I suffer from the lack of light more than the cold. However, as long as photography is the subject, dawn and dusk could be the times of the winter days where you will encounter and witness the most amazing hues colors and make your most memorable unique natural landscapes. Why? this has to be explained by physics. Mixtures of fog, mist, sun, glowing snow and ice at those times can be what you are looking for. At least, I am looking for it. Once you know that, you may have to follow the sun, the moon at times, and it will make sense.

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