Mansfield reformatory (old prison) portrait.





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dillardtaylor August 14, 2022
The lines on the coat and matching lines of the wall and corridor are brilliantly utilized! Great job!!!
Rivertay07 PRO+
Rivertay07 Nov 20
Super PC winner. Congratulations
tylerschwab Nov 20
Thanks all!
Rmay1 Nov 25
Congratulations on people's choice in Fashion Addict contest.😊
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Mansfield correctional facility. It’s an old prison that is no longer being used as such. I was helping with a photography class and decided to take a few shots of my own with my daughter.
This was at around 1pm but I also used off camera flash
I wanted to balance the beautiful light coming in through the windows with my Xplor 600 using a 36” softbox. I set my aperture at 1.4 (105mm), set my iso at 100, and adjusted my shutter speed to expose for the ambient light. I was then able to adjust my Xplor 600 (camera left) to expose for my model.
Nikon Z6, sigma 105 1.4, flashpoint Xplor 600, glow ezlock 36”
I knew when I seen all of the lines and the color of the space, her jacket would fit in perfect with the theme.
My post processing consists of balancing the exposure of the highlights/shadows, adding and adjusting the colors, adjusting contrast, adding local contrast to the model, frequency separation for skin and clothes, cleaning up the scene with the healing brush, and using dodge and burn to add depth to the model.
In my camera bag
I always have my Nikon z6, sigma 105 1.4, Nikon 50 1.8, and sigma 18-35 1.8. In addition I try to keep a few extra batteries and memory cards. I also have a few smaller constant rgb lights to use in low light situations or to add color.
Always set your background exposure with the flash off first. Figure out how much of the background you want in focus and set your aperture accordingly. Start with iso 100 and go up if you can’t get a good exposure having your shutter speed at least 1x your focal length. Lastly, adjust your light power and position to get your preferred exposure and direction.

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