Four Hispano HA.1112 Buchon - Spanish built Messerschmitt

IWM Duxford - Flying Legends 2018

IWM Duxford - Flying Legends 2018
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Peer Award
rodneybrown shaneoneill_9544 HTCzupryna eddiaz Kivera ekieki shelleyjacques +9
Magnificent Capture
Rockyw IleneMasonHardison mariavirginiamachado yorkielad
Absolute Masterpiece
Steve_Thomas mcampi NancyJTubb
Outstanding Creativity
Superb Composition
Superior Skill

Top Ranks

Colorful Objects Photo ContestTop 30 rank week 1
Vintage Beauty Photo ContestTop 30 rank
Vintage Beauty Photo ContestTop 20 rank week 1


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UntetheredPhotography Platinum
UntetheredPhotography March 26, 2021
Beautifully captured
joshjamison PRO+
joshjamison March 27, 2021
Fantastic shot. Were you parallel to them? I’m curious how you took the shot...
AndyBug Platinum
AndyBug December 04, 2022
I was stood on the crowd line of a Warbird airshow with a 500mm lens on burst mode.. This shot is heavily cropped, but thankfully nicely sharp 😊
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