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Coffee and Croissants

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Breakfast of coffee and croissants on a wooden board set in the kitchen with a black background

Breakfast of coffee and croissants on a wooden board set in the kitchen with a black background
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ruvarit February 18, 2021
Love this photo!!! I also love croissants!!
studio4photo February 18, 2021
Thank you
Ruslan_Lavrentyev February 19, 2021
Oh, I love this color combination!
studio4photo February 19, 2021
Thank you
cdhollingsworth Platinum
cdhollingsworth February 19, 2021
so simple, but so well done
studio4photo February 19, 2021
Thank you
NickBelial February 24, 2021
Cozy. A little Irish butter and we're all set. Very cool shot.
studio4photo February 24, 2021
Thank you, I agree, a little butter would be perfect
UntetheredPhotography Platinum
UntetheredPhotography March 30, 2021
HenkIkkeFranken Platinum
HenkIkkeFranken September 15, 2021
Sometimes something that simple can be really awesome... just like this photo.
studio4photo September 15, 2021
Thank you
DAsEye Platinum
DAsEye October 14, 2023
Great use of DOF
studio4photo October 14, 2023
Thank you
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Behind The Lens


This photo was actually taken not in the studio but in my kitchen. During the pandemic I’ve had the opportunity to find ideal locations around the home to shoot and the kitchen being one of the best with a large window for that natural light.


I’m fortunate that I get plenty of natural light but without the harshness of direct sunlight so I took the shot in the morning where the light was nice and bright through the kitchen window.


All the light was completely natural coming through the large kitchen window. The timing was important as the light in the morning brought out some great colour tones on the subject before any harsh sunlight which usually hits the kitchen in the late afternoon.


For this shot I opted for handheld rather than tripod and used a Nikon D7500 with the Sigma 105mm f2.8 lens


Coffee and Croissants came about purely by accident one breakfast time. I don’t often have croissants and decided on a little treat and when putting them out on the cutting board in the kitchen I noticed that the natural light coming through the window gave them that lift of tones that would make a good shot. So I got my trusty camera and reeled off a few quick shots. I had this vision in my head of how I wanted the shot to look and it was like a lightbulb moment when I thought it needs something else and so added a cup of coffee. I moved the croissants and coffee about a bit until I was happy the composition and finally took an appetising photo.


There wasn’t really much post processing with this shot. All I did was add a little contrast in Photoshop and a slight crop.

In my camera bag

If I’m out and about for landscapes or travelling I generally take a couple of crop sensor cameras with me, Nikon D7500 and my old Nikon D3200 as they’re lighter. And my go to lenses are the Sigma 18-300mm and Nikkor 18-55mm kit lens with a Lee filter attached. I also have the Sigma 105mm for macro and flora shots.


If attempting this shot then my advice would be to make use of that natural light. The bigger the window the better and use trial and error. Keep your ISO around 100-160 and the aperture around f2.8-3.2 and a shutter speed of 1/100 or close to that where you are happy using handheld but don’t be afraid to use a tripod for that extra stability.

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