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Electric Cock

Ms. P's Electric Cock on Congress Ave in Austin, Texas. Taken for the 24 hours in Austin Gallery Project in 2011. Shot on Congress street.
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Ms. P's Electric Cock on Congress Ave in Austin, Texas. Taken for the 24 hours in Austin Gallery Project in 2011. Shot on Congress street.

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cavazbe PRO
cavazbe September 11, 2022
a great phot & well done!
DAsEye Jan 16
I love this shot
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Behind The Lens

This is a shot of Ms P's Electric Cock in Austin, Texas (I just took the picture, I didn't name the place) on Congress Street in Austin. This was during a nighttime photo walk down Congress for a curated exhibit called, "24 hours in Austin." Each of the photographers were given a time range, and we were to go capture events or scenes that depicted Austin at that specific time. Ms P's was always a favorite
This shot was taken around 11PM. Ms. P's is always open late on the weekends.
The neon sign and interior lights were the lighting for this shot. Otherwise, it was dark. I prefer the B&W version of this shot but I do like the warmth that the neon is throwing. This shot is a combination of two exposures. The interior was blown completely out when compared to the warm glow. So, one shot was exposed to reveal interior details and the other for the glow. Each exposure was combined in Photoshop. Then color balanced, sharpened, and saved. Tripod for each exposure. This was a difficult shot to get and combine for a proper "as you see it" exposure.
Nikon D300, Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8, RRS ballhead and Manfroto tripod + cable release
The 24 hours in Austin curated exhibit was the motivator for the shot. Austin is a weird/cool/hip place. Its REALLY hard for 20 photographers to capture a 24 hour period in Austin. There is always something going on, and its hard to be everywhere. So, the goal was to highlight experiences relating to the hour and be able to assemble a photographic timeline of the city for one day. Its one of the more interesting contests I have ever participated in.
As mentioned above. This is two exposures (one for the inside of the trailer and one for the Neon glow). Combined in Photoshop, Color balanced, sharpened and then saved. The goal was to capture the food truck exactly as its seen with the naked eye. I really need to go back and take this one again with my newer camera.
In my camera bag
Im a 100% Nikon shooter. This shot was done with a D300 and Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8 lens. I now shoot with a Z9, and my backup camera is my D810. All Nikkor Glass "S" series, RRS ball head, and Tripod.
Night time shooting is more difficult. Scout your location the night before to get meeter readings ahead of time so you don't have to experiment. Know where you are going to shoot from, and get set up early. Things change quickly at night, if you plan ahead you can get a great composition and some dramatic light. Bracket your shots. 2-3 deep if you are unsure of the proper settings. This way you will get plenty to work with.

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