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Behind The Lens


I took this photo at my daughter's outdoor wedding at a ranch used for weddings in the mountains north of San Diego, California.


This was taken after the wedding dinner as the sun was setting before the evening festivities started.


The time was perfect for taking this backlighted photo and the sun was not so strong to create a serious contrast issue. The glow of the sun's rays reflected off the light colors of the veil and white clothes. I looked for the "tender moment" and got the shot.


I used my Nikon D810 with a Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 lens to get this shot. I did not need a fill light so no flash was used and no tripod because I needed to be very mobile for this event.


The love between my daughter and her husband needed to be captured and this moment fit the bill.


I always use Photoshop for any photos I put out for viewing and always shoot in Raw. The lighting was great for what I wanted but I had a little tweaking to do for the shadow side of their faces and the blur in the background. I always see my final product before I shoot and use all of my art school training for the cropping, balance of color, balance of light and detail in the final outcome of the photo.

In my camera bag

I now have the Nikon D850 and use the D810 for my backup. It depends if I plan to do all indoor shooting for instance when I photograph inside of Orchestra Hall in Detroit shooting musicians or the fantastic architecture I will use my faster lenses (1.2 and 2.8 prime and zooms). For outdoor and landscapes with much more light I will use my 28-300mm,12-24mm, 160-150mm and wide angle prime lenses. Of course a tripod and filters and lens cleaner a must.


I am a violist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in my 51st year performing music and photographing musicians and anything associated with the orchestra. Besides my music school training I also attended art school and converted my skill of drawing, painting and attending to detail directly to photography as well as for my music making. I am notorious for photographing with my Canon G5X Mark III (hidden in my tails inside vest pocket) during rehearsals and concerts using my slight-of-hand skills I picked up in college to get the camera out during rests and capture special moments of our conductors and soloists. I have learned how to wait for the moment because there is no second chance in repeating that moment for a "do-over". I used that insight to capture "The Moment" for the photo of my daughter and her husband at the wedding. I used this information to tell other photographers to think about every photo you take and be patient and wait for the moment. Think of the final product and what "emotion" you want to portray in the photograph. In my musicmaking as in my photography I always try to reach the viewer or listener and convey the emotions I am feeling because Music and Photography are all about reaching human feelings and making your mark on another human beings life.

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