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Van Gogh Curves

While on another of my museum visits I was at the Detroit Institute of Art where they were having a Van Gogh exhibition and just before I went into the rooms wi...
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While on another of my museum visits I was at the Detroit Institute of Art where they were having a Van Gogh exhibition and just before I went into the rooms with the Van Gogh paintings I saw this shot of him looking at me through a modern art wire sculpture and captured the moment.
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Behind The Lens

I took this on December 6th 2008 while on a visit to the Detroit Institute of the Arts in Detroit Michigan. I was there to see the Special Van Gogh Exhibit while taking advantage of a free Saturday night that I did not have to be performing with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra onstage at Orchestra Hall in my tails with viola in hand.
It was taken around 7:08 pm.
It was taken indoors in a gallery with an array of bright incandescent lights.
I always have a camera with me and in this case it was just a Nikon Coolpix 5100 that is easy to carry and will fit into my tails and or tux vest pocket for taking candid photos (without the conductors or soloist knowing) on stage during concerts. I shot it without a flash at 1/45 of a second, f2.7, iso/800 and focal length set to 35mm.
I Art School part of the training was to study the "Masters" so I took the opportunity to see one of those Masters that evening. I am always looking for "The Shot" and in this case I was on the way to the entrance to the Van Gogh exhibit and passed by this interesting steel sculpture. My eye caught Van Gogh's face peering through the middle of the sculpture and it looked to me like he was judging the sculpture and thinking to himself "What sort of strange work of art is this?".
I used Photoshop CS3 Windows version for this photo but now I use Photoshop 2020 and Lightroom CC. Because of the bright surrounding lights on the subject that took away from the eye's attention, I burned all the corners in order to focus the attention of Van Gogh's face framed in the sculpture. This is all based on my art school training that I use on every one of my photos I process through Photoshop. The only thing I am concerned about when I process a photo is my version of what I want the viewer to see in the final photo. In this case the bright corners detracted from the "core" of the subject matter in the photograph.
In my camera bag
At that time I had the Nikon D300 and an array of zoom and prime lenses to go with the system and used the Nikon Coolpix 5100 to carry in my pocket for quick spur-of-the-moment shooting. I now use the Canon G5X Mark III for my "pocket" camera. My main cameras I use for my "serious" photography are the Nikon D850 with the D810 as backup with a much larger array of fast (1.2 to 2.8) prime and zoom lenses. Of course my bag now includes tripods, flashes and compact studio lights (Litra etc.).
To quote a famous photographer " f8 ....and be there!" I think it was Tony Spina? Always have a camera with you and be looking for "The Photo", you never know when the "light" goes on and you get the inspiration for the photo because most of the time you only have that split second to capture the moment. I usually make up a "story" behind the photo to give it relevance to my vision of the final outcome of the photo after processing. Think of the final product before hitting the "button" and then make it happen in your post processing, then you will have a work of your "Art" because Photography is now one of the great Arts.

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